Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Oppo F19S is a high end handset by Oppo. The smartphone was launched in the month of April this year, with its low cost price tag of Rs 19,000 for the basic version and a further Rs 20,000 for the mid range and top versions. The Oppo F19S has a 5.5 inch capacitive touchscreen display with an optimized resolution of FW 1080x HD. The phone also comes with a Dual Cameras with a wide angled lens in both the cases. This makes the pictures from both the cameras perfectly clear. Oppo F19S

The battery of the Oppo F19S runs on AVA or Air Traffic Control and it offers fast charging. The battery helps in using the handset even for a longer time as it remains charged for the whole duration of the use. The hardware of the Oppo F19S is similar to that of the iPhone and the connectivity features are quite good. With a SIM tray slot and the support for MMS, this handset is perfect for those who want to keep up with their friends through text messaging.

Many other mobile phones like the iPhone have the ability to send photos and videos to someone through MMS. But the problem with this feature is that it does not work in all the areas across India. In many places across the country, the internet is not available due to the distance which it has to cover. In such a scenario, the usage of MMS could not be possible. But this problem is addressed by the Oppo F19S which comes with a software called OPML.

There is a single camera on the front of the Oppo F19S and this is supported by a dual lens sensor. This enables the phone to take a clear shot in all lighting conditions even if there is a little fog or a bit of smudges in the lens. The Oppo F19S has a great screen which looks good when bright, but when dark the shade under the screen is much darker and the color tone is dull. To overcome this problem, the manufacturer has compensated for this by including a color filter that decreases the intensity of blue as well as green components. However, the battery life of this device suffers quite a bit because of the low pixel density.

When it comes to software support, the Oppo F19S has everything that you will require to run most applications like Facebook, messenger, Skype, eCommerce and music player. It is one of the first smartphones from Oppo that come with a complete package of Android operating system along with a powerful hardware engine. This smartphone has a nice user interface with an integrated widgets panel that looks attractive when it is filled with icons. It has a decent video clarity, clear images and decent sound quality.

The Oppo F19S has a unique curved physical body that makes it look more appealing. At first, it looks as if it is going to fall apart, but in the end it proves to be an amazing companion especially for students who are always on the go. Students will find this gadget very useful when they travel back and forth to their colleges and universities. It has a nice weight at 6. 43 inches, so it should not be a problem to carry around. The Oppo F19S is available directly from mobiles store for an affordable price of INR 15000.

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